Education is not the Learning of Facts, but the Training of the Mind to Think.

Course 1: ENHANCE

ESP Basic :-
  • First part of the ESP basic training focuses on the sensory and motor system enhancement. This section is designed to align senses with the left brain (logic part) to increase its efficiency.
  • This is achieved through a series of wellorchestrated meditation sequences, eye ball exercise, 3D image games and physical exercise in form of entertaining games and dance activities.
  • The second part of the ESP basic training focuses on the motor system. This section comprises of ESP Brain Gym exercise.
  • During these activities students hold demanding isometric postures based on oriental health theories. This postures promote overall well-ness of the circulatory system.

  • ESP Advance :-
    • ESP advance training focuses on the senses of the right brain (intuition & creative) to increase its brain efficiency.
    • The objective of this training is to enhance brain efficiency into co-ordinating complex movements and improves concentration and focus in the classroom.
    • This program focuses on sensory motor development exercises. Series of 10 specific and carefully designed exercises train fine-motor, gross motor, visual processing and integration of all the skills.
    • These exercises train the brain to work quickly and efficiently. Thus enhancing the effects of ESP basic training.
    • Total 32 Hours : Consisting of 4 sessions of 8 hours each and 3 sessions of 2 hours each.

Course 2: ENRICH

Photographic Memory :-
  • Photographic memory is a term often used to describe a person who is able to recall visual information in great detail.
  • Just as a photograph freezes a moment in time, the implication for people thought to have photographic memory is that they can take mental snapshots with ability to recall these snapshots without efforts.
  • This involves the ability to recall images, names, words and numbers. Strong memory relies on neuro-plasticity of the brain or brain’s ability to recognize itself over a period of time by breaking up the sharp memory.
  • This section comprises of creative training and mind games. This games format of training makes the program fun filled and joyous.
  • Individualized pre and post training counseling is done for every child and their parents. This approach of ours ensures optimal results in every child.

  • The Advanced Photographic Memory training involves more complex levels of creative training.
  • Mind games as compared to the basic level to a mastery in recall of fine/minute details.

  • Quantum Speed Reading (QSR)
    • This is an extra-ordinary and relatively new technique in which students can read a book without actually reading the individual pages.
    • By using this technique, students can read a book by simply flipping the pages. This technique was developed and mastered in Japan.
    • This may seem astonishing to the most of us, who learned to read books by reading individual pages at a time.
    • This technique can also be utilized in several other creative ways for problem solving, improving memory as well as positive thinking.
    • This section comprises three levels-Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

    • Total 45 Hours: Consisting of 3 sessions of 8 hours and 7 sessions of 3 hours each.